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Free Name Poems

Create your own Free Name Poems right here, right now!

It's as simple as typing the letters of any name into the text boxes on the Start Page. Also, you can add a custom message at the bottom of the print. Simply use your browser to preview and set up the page, then print. Print as many name poems as you like, absolutely free.

Create Your Free Name Poem Now

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Simply click the "Create Your Free Name Poem" button and the name you entered will be shown on a printable page along with inspirational words which begin with each letter of the name. Each name poem can have up to 10 letters in the name. Also, below the inspirational words list will be a sentence which has the name again and the following message: " is more than just a name!" Then, if you choose to have a message or greeting on the print, it will be at the bottom. This message can have up to 70 characters. More detailed instructions can be found below.

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Free Name Poem Information and Details


How To Create Your Free Name Poem

To create your free name poem, first click the "Free Name Poems Start Now" button above or click any "Create Your Free Name Poem Now" link. These links will open a new window or tab which will have ten textboxes for you to enter letters of the name you would like to use. You can enter any name which contains from 1 to 10 letters. Below this area, there will be another textbox which will allow you to enter a custom message which will be shown at the bottom of the free name poem print. This is optional, you can leave it blank if you like.

After you get all of your information entered into the textboxes, click the "Create Your Free Name Poem" button. This will change the page to a printable name poem. Simply use your browser's menu to do a "Print Preview" and to set up your page, then print your Free Name Poem. More detailed printing instructions are shown below.


Detailed Printing Instructions

Once you reach a printable page after performing the procedures mentioned above, you are ready to set up and print your free name poem. These instructions are based on using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or later, but they should be similar to other browser's procedures.

When you are viewing your printable page, select "File" on your browser's menu and then choose "Print Preview". This view should show you how your print will appear on the printed page. You will need to select "Portrait" or "Landscape" orientation. You will probably find that "Landscape" will work best. Then, check to see if all of your name poem and custom message is shown on only one page. If it is not all on one page, you may need to adjust the "Print Size" setting to a lower percentage or to "shrink to fit". Another thing you may try to do is adjust the margin settings. This can be done by selecting "File" and choosing "Page Setup". Too much margin at the top may make your print run off at the bottom. Same for side to side. This is also a good way to center your print if it isn't centered properly. For example, if the wording is too high on the sheet, just increase the top margin to push it down.

Something additional that you may encounter is that there may be more information shown on your print in "Print Preview" like page numbers and/or filenames, etc. If this is the case, you will need to turn off or remove your headers and footers. To do this, select "File" then choose "Page Setup". There should be two lines with text fields shown that are labeled "headers" and "footers". There is probably some random looking code typed into these lines. This is the code to tell your browser what additional information to print on any printed page. You will need to remove this type in the headers and footers boxes. You may want to write this information down before you delete it, in case you want to make it print the headers and footers again in the future. In Internet Explorer, there is an icon in the "Print Preview" area which will automatically turn the headers and footers on and off when you click it. If you have version 7 or later, this would be the recommended way to do it. After you get your view of your print looking the way you want in "Print Preview", just select "Print" to print your free name poems.



Additional Tips

To turn your free name poems into a nice gift, you can get some designer or color paper to print it on and a nice frame to mount it into. This will make a huge difference. Fancy papers and frames can be found at almost any office supply store or even at your local discount store. This paper will probably be 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches in size, just like standard copy paper. You can get frames which are this size, but the nicer and bigger selection of frames will probably be 8 inches x 10 inches in size. To use this size of frame, simply trim the sheet to fit. Enjoy your Free Name Poems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any printer for my free name poems?

A: You can use either a black or color laser printer or an inkjet printer. The best results will depend on the quality of the printer. All of our free name poems print in black only.


Q: Are there any costs involved in creating my name poem?

A: The only costs will be for your paper and printer ink and/or toner. We do not charge anything.


Q: How many name poems can I print?

A: Free Name Poems is absolutely free. Print as many as you like!

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